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jane bought a candle to scare the wasps away. the manufacturers has spent little time on their instructions and even less on the accompanying drawings.

i'm pretty sure the one on the left is of a dog. click for a bigger inspectable version.


Dan said:

is the middle one some sort of math problem?

comatose said:

were those instructions prepared by ancient egyptians?

Matts said:

That's fantastically surreal!

Here are my guesses:

(1) Do not use around pets

(2) Do not leave unattended

(3) Do not blow out, use a hat-thingie to extinguish them like in films about the olden days.

(4) Ensure candle does not lean.

(5) Do not use indoors.

How did I do?

it doesn't say, but i suspect you are spot on.

to be sure, i'll try lighting it indoors. if the house sets on fire i know you were right.

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