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instructions for viewing are in the comments here thanks to Jimmy.

let me know how you get on ! i wasn't particularly successful.

DSC03762.jpg DSC03761.jpg

disclaimer: i can't be held responsible for any blindness or insanity which may result from this experiment.


andrew said:

Get a sort of effect.

I could never do those magic eye pictures, though my non-techie parents could, much to my irritation.

patrick said:

i think the key is to show Side-by-Side piccys rather than Above-Below. I tried tilting my head..too confusing, got nothing.

funkypancake said:

the photos should be side by side if you have your screen wide enough. try making your browser full size ?

if that doesn't work then i'll create another image with them both stuck together. let me know.

Mase said:

I've found a website that explains how to view these images:


Mase said:

i've just tried it with this image and had some success. It does kinda strain your eyes and'll probably give you headache if you do it for too long.

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