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hoorah. they swallowfield show website has been updated and the schedule has been published.

if you live in berkshire and its environs then you should consider entering one of the many craft exhibits (or at the least going along). The Sunday clashes with the Reading Festival, but you'll be free on Monday right ?

i was fortunate enough to win the photography prize last year.

their website is just superb. you really catch the carnival atmosphere (especially if you have your sound switched on).

swallowfield show.jpg


Tony said:

Yippie! Time for me to start taking some photos so I can beat you this year!

I shall also consider entering:
199) Men only - Boiled Fruit Cake

funkypancake said:

shame it's not a strawberry cheese cake. i know where you can find one of those.

i can see you doing very well in the Fruit Cake category.

who boils cake in this day and age ?

Mo said:

Wow! That's where I grew up! (Well, more towards Spencer's Wood, but near enough.) Swallowfield is a place I never expected to hear of again... especially on the interwebnet. I may have to go to the show now: it must be 20 years since last I went.

funkypancake said:

oh yes. didn't you know that everything's on the web these days mo !

michelle said:

I was the "Grand Aggregate Champion" at our local fair when I was 16 for winning the most categories in the crafts and cooking exhibits... my prize was enough tickets to go on 60 rides in the midway.

jane said:

can anyone give me a contact telephone number for the 'funny clowns' who did the shows in the circus tent? We want to book them for a birthday party in January 2005.

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