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i've never been to primrose hill before. i decided to go this lunchtime on another hour long exploring expedition.

if you get the tube from Goodge Street to Chalk Hill you can walk to the viewpoint in primrose hill then along the canal to Camden Market and then back from Camden station in about an hour. but you have to walk fast and get your photos quick !

graffiti on the path to prepare you:

now with enhanced biggernizzzation

read the story from the person who wrote these words here

the view:

click for biggenisation

i took a few photos so may attempt a panarama stitch together thing sometime.

and the canal:

i shall return to explore in more detail some other sunny day when i don't have meetings ...


Sarah said:

The 'and the view's so nice' graffiti is a line from a Blur song called 'For Tomorrow' from back in the good old days of the mid 90's. I'm happy to discover that the the view really is very nice, and that someone out there likes that song as its one of my favourites. Could I have a biggerised picture for my desktop please?

Darren said:

The "biggenisation" embiggens us all.
Nice photos, as always.

funkypancake said:

sarah - your wish is my command.

All blur is great. especially that period.

see here for more blur info:

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

the person who wrote the phrase 'and the views so nice' emailed me and kindly explained why she wrote it !

read it in full here:

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