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ho hum. there's been a security scare at a station outside london this evening so there are no trains from paddington station at the moment going home for me. so i'm trapped with only a free wifi connection and a carton of ribena for company.

it's great for people spotting though. i just bumped in to an ex-colleague i haven't seen for nearly 10 years.

here is a picture of lots of people from my lofty pirch. it doesn't really convey the chaos down there at the moment:


michelle said:

it was probably because of a jacket or a pair of glasses i'd suspect.

funkypancake said:

i suspect you are right.

or maybe ducks on the line ?

Matts said:

A suitcase in a toilet at Reading, apparently.

funkypancake said:

a toilet in a suitcase would be much more amusing.

i wouldn't mind being stranded at paddington for 2 hours if it were for a toilet in a suitcase.

with a midget. or a dwarf.

or an oompah loompah.

wow. imagine am oompah loompah with a mini toilet in a giant suitcase. how cool would that be !

Matts said:

This reminds me of the Dr Who story "Terror of the Autons" in which the Master first ran riot with his Tissue Compression Eliminator.

Except it was a scientist called Goodge rather than an oompa-loompa, a banana rather than a toilet, and a lunchbox instead of a suitcase.

funkypancake said:

wow. that's nearly exactly the same. did it cause transport delays too ?

michelle said:

i've never seen a real-live oompah-loompah, but i have to admit that i rather think i would like to.

Chloe said:

oompah loompah's and ribena... tis a dream come true.

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