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There's god right.

And he sent jesus his son ok.

and he died so we don't get what we deserve when we die essentially.

and jesus has gone back up to heaven, but will come back basically.

and meanwhile we have the holy spirit who is like god being with us in the interim marvellously.

and the holy spirit is a bit like the wind (in that he blows all your sermon notes off the lecturn if you aren't careful).

he is the fan outside the church on the way home.



dan said:

Well said, Dave. I would love to read the NFP version of the Bible. That's stands for New Funky Pancake.

Sarah said:

And the fan blades make a nice analogy for the trinity as well. Now you've got me thinking you pastor a church for a living! Am I right? And is the fan a regular member of that church, or is it just visiting?

Tony said:

He's inside our church, not just waiting at the door! :-)

funkypancake said:

no, i'm just pew-fodder !

we used to go the same church as tony, but found it too draughty ;-)

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