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so, what did we buy at the auction ? not much. but what i did get was this fantastic piece of TV memorabilia.

it's a T-shirt, jumper and board game which you can only get from being a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. I got it for 3. no one else bid.

but that means that someone at esther's school has a parent who was on supermarket sweep, won the prize and gave it away to be auctioned for school funds.

Dale Winton himself has apparently touched the merchandise you see below.

click to see it in all its glory


michelle said:

i was going to post a comment on what a steal of a deal that you got that at for just three pounds, and then i got to wondering... do british keyboards have a pound key? because we have a dollar sign above the four, when you press shift. does yours have a pound?

funkypancake said:

yes - we still have the dollar above the 4 and a nice shiney above the three. there's a euro key combination somewhere too. but i can never remember what that is !

michelle said:

we have the # above the 3. every once in awhile i think i could use a pound sign or a euro sign, but alas, i do not have them.

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