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on a comedy and terrorism related theme, i went to a very high security government building for a meeting this morning. i put all my valuables (camera, pedometer etc) in my bag before i arrived so they could all go throught the x-ray machine.


the man loaded my bag on to the conveyor belt, turned and looked at me, then turned back, pressed a button and ...

... my bag fell on the floor from a great height and landed upsway down with a massive thump.

we both looked at it for a while. obviously no bomb had gone off. i wondered if this was part of their new testing procedure.

he waited a few moments then put it back on the conveyor belt. this time it went forward. not a word was said throughout this unfortunate incident.

i chuckled later (when i was outside the building away from the armed policemen).


andrew said:

you should have put your hands over your ears and winced in anticipation of a loud noise!

funkypanacke said:

or dived on the floor. perhaps if the man with the submachine fun wasn't looking at me i may have considered that comedy move.

Feisty Girl said:

Did it break anything?!?

funkypancake said:

only my heart.

luckily i decided at the last minute not to take my laptop - and most importantly - my camera still works !

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