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here are some gloves from brother kev (husband of my wife's sister). he was on a walk up a mountain/hill/incline and found them. so excited was he at his find that he phoned me from his windy external position

in his email he informs us that "All found on one walk, Sunday 21st March 04, Mothers day. During a walk up, I think it was called, sugar loaf hill, Great Malvern."

Weekend to Malvern and rest 035.jpg

Weekend to Malvern and rest 045.jpg

Weekend to Malvern and rest 046.jpg

good finding kev. well done sir !


michelle said:

well done kev.

suddenly i have an insatiable urge to comment as much as possible. technically i have 73 posts plus this one, so i'm at 74 and not at the wimpy 58 that it says.

i will continue to comment and conquer!

funkypancake said:

comments are counted by unique username / URL / email combination i think. if you've used different email addresses or URLs then it'll not count them.

but thanks for all your comments anyway ! it's great conversating this way.

michelle said:

yes, i think that is how they are collected. for awhile i would add creative things to my email address, i did not know that later on this would prevent me from winning the commenting race.

funkypancake said:

the best races never reveal their rules until the race has started.

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