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as i mentioned earlier, i went to see the Passion of The Christ last night. I didn't think it was much good actually. but that's my opinion.

the music in the cinema was funky, the seats were comfy and the refreshments were plentyful. there was an advert for 'paradise poker' before the film which was a nice touch

here's me with my flagon of coke giving a nice 'post passion' wave:

but what did i really think ? here's my review for those who like to read words:

So, have you seen The Passion of the Christ yet ? I went on Sunday night and sat with a load of church-skivers in an uncrowded cinema.

Plot summary: an apparently innocent man gets executed in a most unpleasant way.

The unanswered question throughout is 'why?'

The film is essentially a study of Roman execution. The violence is extreme and from about 20 minutes in I felt sick from too much cola and chocolate.

But let’s compare the film to the true story of Jesus as revealed in the Bible. The Bible gives us God's account of the life of Jesus and puts it in a wider context.

The Bible’s starting point is that no one deserves a relationship with God because we have all failed to live up to his perfect standards.

As a result God became a real human being, born as a baby. He grew up, taught and was eventually executed as a criminal (despite his innocence).

He, the only perfect man to have walked the earth, took our badness and died on our behalf. He came back to life after three days so overcoming death.

Death wasn't the end for him and as a result it doesn't have to be for us.

There's much made of the baseless trials at the beginning of the film, but
the real injustice in the film is that we can leave the cinema with the smug satisfaction that we had nothing to do with this execution.

At worst the film suggests that Jesus died for nothing and no-one.

The truth is he died for everyone who was, is and ever shall be alive, including you and me.

Yes, he suffered a hideous execution, but the glorious hope for all people is that Jesus took all our badness on to himself when he died so that we don't have to be punished ourselves. If we accept this then we become free and life really is worth living.

Sadly the film focused on the blood views rather than the good news.

So ultimately, who is the cross really for ? Jesus ? us ? or God himself ?

Through Jesus' death on the cross we can have a direct relationship with God.

It's God who wants to take the highest fame. On the cross He holds together His immeasurable love for us and His infinite justice.

how scarily fantastic is that !

here are some links worth looking at:
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Pete E said:

I'm glad to see another christian found the movie lacking. For some reason, christians everywhere seem compelled to say good things about all-things-christian.

I best heard the movie described as a "thorough study of Roman executions". If all you wanted was a detailed account of what the Bible depicts of the last hours of Christ, then this is a great movie. If you actually want a story, this movie is the last 3 hours of a 10 hour movie.

Nice site, by the way.

Ian said:


We went to see the film on Sunday too - just before you. We both found it profoundly moving – to be reminded what Jesus went through in our place; to be reminded that he chose to endure it all so that we can be saved.

You say “the unanswered question is ‘why?’ – but surely everyone present at the crucifixion was asking themselves that same question – the answer is only hinted at, right at the end of the film, when we see Jesus resurrected. So the question becomes ‘then what happened?’

It sounds as though you are disappointed not to have seen The Jesus Story – well it was called The Passion of the Christ. It lived up entirely to its title – surely that’s not the film’s problem?

I don’t think that Mel Gibson set out to make an evangelistic film – although it has succeeded in putting Christianity onto the public agenda and so handed us a great opportunity for evangelism. Mel Gibson has said “I wanted to impress on viewers the enormousness of this sacrifice, the willingness – and the horror of it.” And horror there certainly was, but none of it, I think, gratuitous. The Romans didn’t need to carry on scourging Jesus but they did, egged on by the heat of the moment. You only need to look at recent happenings in Iraq – headline today ‘Butchered by the mob’ – to see that people do dreadful things to their fellow men, far beyond what is needed.

Another useful link is: http://www.gospelcom.net/rbc/thepassion/questions/index.html
From there I found this:

“The Passion of the Christ is not primarily an evangelistic film. Mel Gibson is a filmmaker, not an evangelist. He is also passionate about his Christian faith. His goal was to make a historically accurate and authentic film about the final 12 hours of Jesus’ life, based on the New Testament Gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
If you’re expecting this film to preach at you, it won’t. Rather, the intent is to let you see and experience for yourself what the suffering of Jesus was all about. What viewers choose to do with what they see is left up to them. In fact, Gibson uses his development of the biblical theme of truth by the way he embellishes on the character and struggles of Pontius Pilate and his question, "What is truth?” (John 18:38). Gibson invites the audience to wrestle, along with Pilate, with the facts about the One who claimed to be "the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6).
Interestingly, one of the lasting impacts of the film is the question that lingers in the mind of the viewer afterwards: "What have I done with Jesus?"”

Ian & Carolyn

funkypancake said:

hi Ian !

i'm obviously not deep enough and missed the points that you made. it's really good to hear others' views on the film - christian and non christian.

as you say, if nothing else, it's put christianity on the media agenda for a while which can't be a bad thing.

but so did The Life of Brian !

paisley said:

interesting thoughts on the movie .. it moved me but i knew the background (the bible) of who for and why YESHUA died.. but i see your points .. good thoughts :)

and i agree with Pete who said :
"For some reason, christians everywhere seem compelled to say good things about all-things-christian."

crazy ain't it . :)

im paisley , btw , found your site via blogsnob .

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