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is it ever appropriate to have beer for breakfast ? i occasionally think i might fancy a pint when i'm walking to work. but by then i have been up a few hours. what's the cut off point before which drinking is unacceptable and you have to admit you have a problem ?

Here is a van advertising Honey Dew, my favourite honey based ale.



I once went on a narrowboat holiday with 9 friends. We had two polypins of Marston's Pedigree delivered to the boat the day we arrived to start the holiday. In a cunning move, I volunteered to start the boat and get us underway each morning for, as we were on a large circular route, we needed to do a minimum amount of miles per day. On day two after a heavy first night in the pub, I decided that I needed a 'hair of the (sea) dog' pint whilst steering the boat with 9 slumbering chums. This tasted so good that I continued to have a morning pint each and every day. My mate Duncan, who had volunteered to do cooked breakfasts for all the boys and girls discovered the source of my early morning good humour a few days later and joined me for a few misty dawn tinctures. I can honestly say that I was not sober for the entire 10 days. In fact, having returned the boat to the boatyard at 0900hrs on the last day, I and a few of the others then had to spend all day in a cafe sobering up before the long drive home. Bliss.

funkypancake said:

ah - stories of the sea !

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