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i went to Asda last night to get some milk. i had a great time. i didn't take any photos whilst i was there, but there was millions of bizarre things going on. i think i'll do another trip (if i can afford it) and blog the event in detail.

some of the highlights included a pair of shoes by the CD counter which looked like someone had simply stepped out of and left behind, multipacks of crisps spread around aisles (like they had been set free), bottles of alcopop-type drinks by the toilet rolls and, my favourite, a bra hanging in the last minute impulse-buy section with the chocolate at the checkout.

the guy doing the announcements about bargains of teh day was fantastic too. he should have been running a mobile disco for the over 60s. i even phoned jane up so she could listen to his comedy banter.

here is my haul (mostly consisting of light bulbs)


Sarah said:

We went to Asda on Saturday. It resembled one of the lower circles of Hades. What I find strange is that the Lower Earley Asda has been voted one of the best places to work. Tescos is slightly less scarey.

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