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how often do you see something in a shop window and go inside to buy it only to end up leaving the shop with a watch nearly twice the price of the one in the window (but with more features).

this happened to me today. the watch in the window was 5.99. Admitedly it wasn't all i wanted. once in the shop an extremely nice chap showed me a variety of watches and in the end i bought one for 10.95.

no compass - but i can always use an upturned plate if i want to draw a circle.


this shop is just off petticoat lane and is excellent. go there and buy a cheap modern digital watch.


michelle said:

don't we get a pic of the new watch in action?

funkypancake said:

maybe tomorrow (it's a work from home morning so there's a high chance there won't be anything else exciting to blog !)

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