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here's a really exciting story for you. when we moved in to our house just over 2 years ago we were told we would have to pay 55 a month for our water.

quite a jump from the 16/month in our old house. so we said we wanted to go on a meter and we would jolly well show them how little water we used.

after waiting a couple of months for them to install the meter our bill dropped to 21/month ! And now, a year later, they've dropped the bill even lower to 13/month. hoorah.

so, the lesson to learn is: get a water meter and ban your family from using water. i suggest turning it off at the main as the ultimate deterent.



Tony said:

Aha - that explains it...

funkypancake said:

explains what ? our thirst for knowledge ?

why we drink so much when we come round to your house ?

why we insist on filling buckets full of water from your taps before we leave to take with us ?

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