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it's pancake day today.

esther mixed whilst kezzie watched
DSC00570.jpg DSC00569.jpg

jane enjoyed tossing them (note the psychedelic camera work):

and everyone enjoyed eating them (with chocolate sauce, lemon and sugar)
DSC00584.jpg DSC00586.jpg


michelle said:

i always think it's interesting what people eat on their pancakes. my mom always puts butter and white sugar. she doesn't put sugar on anything else. i prefer raspberry jam. preferrably the homemade kind. everyone else i know likes syrup, or peanut butter and bananas.

Feisty Girl said:

Chocolate sauce lemon and sugar? Now that's a new one.

Tony said:

I've given up pancakes for Lent.

Sarah said:

I also find it interesting to see what people put in their pancakes. A friend of mine puts raisins in the batter, but where I come from thats called a pikelet, not a pancake!! My favourite filling is bananas and nutella. Lime and brown sugar is also a tasty change to the traditional lemon and I guess you could add a bit of Bacardi too. However, my favouritest way of all to eat pancakes is as a yorkshire pudding...

Annie Mole said:

Love the picture of Jane tossing the pancake

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