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i have a new device to bore you with. not a drill (that would bore you in a more literal sense). no. i have a pedometer to so i can see how far i walk.

and so we learn that from my home door to my office door is 4.976 km (3 miles) and i walked at 5.34 km/hr (3.3 mph).

52 minutes of my journey this morning was spent walking and i took 6144 steps. (this obviously excludes the 50 minute train journey and time waiting for the train to turn up). Oh, and i may have burnt 232 Kcal, but i don't know what that means (i need a measure in Mars Bars)

This is a walk i do twice a day. my new boots are still giving me blisters


but what about the science of walking speed ? try here.


Brother Edd said:

One mars bar is equal to 281 Kcal.

so therefore you have done 232/281 = 0.826 mars bars today.

I fell that there needs to be another factor in this as you may not burn of only the kcals from a mars bar. I dont think its that selective!!!11!!

Grahame said:

This looks like a good idea - I have ordered one with built in FM radio

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