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cashback is a brilliant idea and much safer and more convenient than standing in the street taking money out of a cashpoint.

you buy something from a supermarket on your bank card and before you know it you've got your shopping a big wad of notes.

unless you go to the supermarket near my office. in there they haggle.

i asked for 40 cash back today. and they said "how about 20" ?

so i said "no, i'd like 40 please"

and she said "well, i've only got 20"

so i accepted her original offer and received 20 in 2 coins. i thanked her on behalf of my wallet manufacturer.



cheryl said:

put them in your pocket! that was my favorite thing about british money...the lovely sound it makes in one's pocket as you're walking into a book store. odd that the pocket becomes eerily quiet upon walking out.

Bunty Hoven said:

Aye, bookstore pickpockets can be a nuisance. "It was the shady looking fella with the bull terrier by the door, he dun it, guv'na!".

Pete said:

I went into my bank and asked for a loaf of bread, half a dozen eggs and a jar of coffee. Would you believe that they were completely sold out? What is the world coming to?#

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