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when i used to live in sheffield i used to help our at a breakfast project at the cathedral for the homeless and needy. it involved getting up at 6.30am i think which was quite early for a student who had been dancing at the discoteques until the early morning.

anyway, there was a chap who used to come along who lived in the local mental hospital. every morning he would 'escape' and end up at the cathedral for his breakfast.


he was extremely funny in a Mr Bean kind of way and i felt him and I really bonded over the time i knew him.

he had some good phrases "hh hhh hhhh have you got any money ?", someone would give him a pound and he'd then say "can you have a look in your pockets
see if you've got any more"

other phrases included "what time is the trolley coming" and "where can i get a haircut" (he had a permanently shaved head).

what reminded me of him was this cigar on the street. another thing he used to say was "have you got any cigarettes. oh. dunt matter. i'll pick up some tab ends off the street". i bet he never got cigar tab ends.

perhaps i should gather a load and post them to him (if he's still in the hospital?)