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change is always painful.

my second prediction came true. And today i'm wearing the new boots. I've had them on for two hours now (i booted at 6.30am) and the pain is significant.

It's a good way of discovering pain receptors which i didn't know i had. little toes, top bit of foot (whatever that's called), heal, ankle, lower leg. I shall be stopping by a chemist later for some plasters.



brother edd said:

why dont you hit the boots witha rubber hammer first to softern them up?

cheryl said:

i love doc marten's, once they're broken in. i've given up on dainty girlie feet and just buy them slightly larger to avoid the ouch. here's my last pair: http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/484496/c/4475.html
they nearly killed me for a few days, but that's all. it'll get better, yah.

Pete said:

The top bit of the foot is called the "instep".
Trust me, I'm an Odd Job Man.
You learn something new everyday

funkypancake said:

i thought the instep was the under-bit ?

it's the over the top bit which hurts (which is why i'm wheeling around on this castor chair)

Feisty Girl said:

Okay. I can totally relate. When over in London, I bought 2 (of my current 4 pairs) of Docs. I decided to wear some particularly lovely Mary Janes while walking Kensington Gardens and visiting the Museum. I was in so much pain that I actually had to sit on a bench every 100 feet or so, as I had huge blisters and I was ready to cry. Of course now they fit me perfectly. Did you get the greasy stuff that you are supposed to put on them? That helps to soften them up.

funkypancake said:

dubbin ? no, i don't get none of that cleaning stuff.

i'll go back to my old boots tomorrow for a few days then have another go.

at the moment i'm not sure if i'm breaking the boots in to match my feet or the other way round.

Pete said:

I thought the under bit was called "the arch"
http://www.foottalk.com/anatomy.htm is a bit like University Challenge". Lots of long words that no one understands but no really useful information.


skepticult said:

I usually put insoles in my Docs if I'm going to be wearing them for any length of time in a standing position. The flat bottom plays hell with my heels otherwise.

The new ones you bought are exactly the same new ones that _I_ just bought. Astounding!

I've got 8 eye pairs in blue and black, green 3 and 14 eye, and black 18 eye. Out of all of them I think the 14 eyelet pair is the most comfortable. The 18 come up high enough that they rub on your legs, and the others don't get enough of a grip on my ankles. I've got really really skinny feet, though, so maybe I'm weird.

Well, maybe my feet are weird.

Or something.

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