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i've been trying to fill jane's tax return in, but the inland revenue site is broken (nice plan) so i thought i'd do some DIY instead.

when it comes to DIY i am rubbish. totally.

my limit is a dripping tap. that's just about doable i thought. just a matter of turning the water off, unscrewing the thing and cleaning the doofa and puttting it all back together.

so i went to our airing cupboard where i thought the stop cocks would be. and this is what i found was a load of pipes (note the absence of anything turny):


so i followed the pipes (some hot some cold) and found this under some floorboards:


i haven't got a clue where anything goes, or what it supposed to do. it's all too scarey. so i'll put up with the dripping tap for a few more weeks until jane's dad's available to do it for me point me in the right direction

meanwhile brother edd is a few miles away rewiring someone's house. either he got all the practical genes or the household he's rewiring should be very scared.

erk - this has got to be my most boring blog entry to date. i apologise.

back to work tomorrow so normal mis-service will be resumed.


Brother Edd said:

May be its something to do with the factthat Dad was rubbish at DIY too. I think it was me that did most of the DIY at home in the end. Its shocking to think that we come from a long line of engineers.

PS the wiring is not going to plan. so amny wires so many placesthey don't go.

Tony said:

There was something turny on the 5th pipe from the left (the one with the earth wire) - you'll need a screw driver to turn it.

funkypancake said:

tony - when have you ever been round to my house to 'inspect the plumbing' ? i'm starting to worry about you ...

Pete said:

The pink thing under the floorboards is your central heating pump (pumps the hot water around your radiators when the room thermostat says it's too cold in here)
If your dripping tap is cold water turn the water off at the stop cock where the main pipe comes into the house. (usually somewhere in the kitchen).
If the tap is hot water there should be a stop valve on the outlet pipe from the hot water cylinder. Turn this off then run the hot water until it stops flowing (when it has found its natural level).

Odd Job Pete (That'll be 45 + vat guvnor.)

funkypancake said:

fantastic ! i shall investigate tonight and tell you what happens ...

Tony said:

On dear...
Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.

Aaron said:

Why does my hot water on the bath taps run hot then cold?

funkypancake said:

this is a classic ask pete question. let's see what he suggests

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