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it was very wet this morning. i became invincible and unafraid of anything by taking my glasses off and walking to work unable to see clearly. it was a bit weird to begin with, but i soon got to enjoy the freedom.

unfortunately, i did step in a lot of puddles and got splashed by lots of passing cars as i did spot these usual obstacles in advance.

here is the first thing you see when you leave paddington station on a wet morning. the whole of london glows red because of the steak house neon. there's probably some metaphor for blood and meat there but that would be too clever for me.



Feisty Girl said:

Oh my, i saw a special on those steak houses. Had the worst health code violations in all of London. PLEEEEase tell me that you don't eat there.

funkypancake said:

i DON'T eat there ! This place was once the main feature of an article in the Evening Standard (london's main evening paper).

i sometimes wish i had a copy of that article to hold up at the window so those enjoying their steaks could read about the conditions in the kitchen.

might be better by now of course (don't want to get sued for libel!)

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