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yesterday was the shortest day. which is great if you are short. but why do we call it the shortest day ? it's because the 21st December is traditionally the coldest day of the year and, as we all know - heat expands, cold shrinks. doorways everwhere will have reduced in size favouring the smaller in stature.

here is santa in a moses basket. kezia believes that if you look after santa on the run up to christmas then he'll look after you on christmas day.



kayleigh said:

me and my cousin were just discussing this, on the shortest and longest days, don't the clocks change? i bet even 5 year olds know this but o well. and we aren't even blonde! we don't have any excuse, we're just drips. so does anyone want to put an end to our confusion please?

kayleigh said:

my mummy dearest came to the rescue and told me i was being daft! which i am and now i know that the clocks changing has nothing to do with the longest and shortest days, o wel it just proves how clever i am!!

funkypancake said:

the clock changing sort of does relate to the shortest and longest day thing.

we change the clocks in winter to get the best use of the shorter daylight.

the shortest day is probably about the middle period between when the clocks change or around about.

david said:

we had a "what is the opposite of equinox" conversation in the car last night on the way home from a carol service. (It is "solstice" by the way), and then we had a conversation about why the shortest day can be the 22nd OR the 21st December. It is apparently to do with the year having 365 days and the solstice gets "corrected" by a leap year. So this year, the winter Solstice happened at 7am on the 22nd December, but i expect because next year is a leap year, it will be back where it belongs on the 12st again.

Hannah said:

soz u mite call me thick! but wot does equinox mean?? yeh im a bit dim at the moment my cuz kayleigh dont no either so it aint just me lol!!

kayleigh said:

i just looked equinox
up on an online dictionary and got this:

1. [n] (astronomy) either of the two celestial points at which the celestial equator intersects the ecliptic.

2. [n] either of two times of the year when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator and day and night are of equal length

hannah said:

lol u looked it up kay!! thanks!! well now i know but im not sure which definiton it is il go for the 2nd one!!

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