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my predictions are this:

1) i will buy a new pair of trousers which will then become my favourites

2) i will get some new DM boots as my current ones have massive holes in

7) i will learn to count

4) my hair will grow longer and i will occasionally get it cut

5) i will find things in the street and photo and blog them

6) things will happen, some expected, some un-expected.

a) i will write alphabetical lists instead

8) i will give up writing lists (after this first attempt) and leave list writing to much better bloggers

9) generally something, blah blah


Andrew said:

I predict this will be your first comment of 2004.

kayleigh said:

i predict this will be your second comment of 2004

funkypancake said:

it's looking like i may need to replace my colour cartridge in my printer.

skepticult said:

I still have every pair of Docs that I've owned, and none of them yet have holes in them.

You must do some serious walking.

funkypancake said:

the holes are caused by a combination of distance (i average at least 4 or 5 miles a day of walking i suspect) and lack of polish which causes the holes.

i do try to hop occasionally to focus the wear on to one boot (then the other).

skepticult said:

There is an interesting book which delves into excruciating detail about the possible mechanics of walking in relation to shoe wear (in particular, shoelace breakage.)


Gripping, I tell you.

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