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i felt considerably peaky this morning. if i knew i was ill i would have stayed in bed, but i don't know if it's just something i ate yesterday as i had some pudding with egg in and that makes me bad (incredible hulk style). if it's my own fault then my employer shouldn't have to suffer as a result. so i've come in anyway and will just feel like death on a plate for a while.

meanwhile there was a fantastic sun rise this morning. i watched it out of the train window. by the time i got to london the main bit was over, but there was still some dramatic sun-through-steam-on-buildings type things


update: i started feeling even more ill so went home. rest of the day in bed with laptop :-(


Tony said:

Hmm, morning sickness. Does Jane know?

Feisty Girl said:

Not feeling too keen myself this morning...I think back to bed is a good idea :)

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