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there were no blue ones. so we requested them. then they were mostly blue. so we ate them and gave one to a man in a suit. modern life is far from rubbish


here is a comprehensive website on the blue smartie phenomenon


burpy said:

wen i eat blue smarties i bounce off the walls like a ping pong ball on ecstacy. if i put them in a glass with a pint of sprite i get dizzy spells!

Emmie said:

check out my website which focuses on blue smarties... its really small but the guest book could do with more entries hint hint :D


*geocities it wouldnt let me post the whole link for some strange reason...

funkypancake said:

hi emmie,

great site. i'll add the link to the main page

(geocities is on my blocklist thanks to its use by previous comment spammers - sorry!)

Emmie said:

wow thankyou for adding my site i had a couple of new viewers due to this :D im crap at html lol but its something to have some people looking at it :D thankyou!!!

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