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what a fantastic day !

we started off with an excellent service at church (we were playing and i don't think we stuffed up too much). there was a nice kids song to wig out to which is always handy for a bass player. there was also a massive party for the kids so they had a great time too (and one of our friend's children got baptised)

then we were invited round for lunch spontaneously at some friends house which was fantastic. the unplanned nature of it made it even better ! whilst there we saw some friends we see about twice a year who have just popped back to see their folks over christmas.

after that we came home, dropped off the music kit and went out to the Christingle service with some other friends. i was asked at the last minute to light a few christingles during the service and given a box of cooks matches. however, when my moment came i was trumped by a man with an automatic gas cooker lighter thing. he went whizzing up and down the church before i had even lit my first one. it was SO unfair !


after tea, coffee, cake, biscuits etc we headed off to some other friends from church's house for a party. this was really nice too. especially this table decoration which is a melting skull candle adjacent to a couple of butter knives ! very festive. they also have a knitted nativity.

DSC09071.jpg DSC09073.jpg

finally it was back to our house to put some decorations up, kids to bed. jane's gone off to sing in another carol service and i'm about to tidy up the house !

today's been a great start to christmas, covering all the main themes. friends, family, church and melting skulls.