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remember this dog from Tegel airport ? The picture i took last time was quite simply rubbish as i'd taken it from the reverse side of the door and the lighting was all wrong. my bastest photoshopping still wasn't good enough.

this evening i refound the cafe where the sign was last time and it was still there. i climbed across a customer and caputered this photo in all it's glory.


i was very pleased to get this photo and can only apologise for the poor quality of my previous attempt


skepticult said:

Awwww...no cartoon dogs allowed.

funkypancake said:

but it is a sign of a dog. which is the category. i was speaking to a chap in the airport who was encouraging me to more accurately describe the bounds of this category and i poo-pooed his idea. perhaps i should have listened ...

Texas T-Bone said:

Those are some really happy pups.

skepticult said:

Actually, I was captioning the sign (poorly), not being regulatory.

funkypancake said:

that's a good point !

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