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following comments on my original Pop Idol post, i sent an email to the production coordinator of Pop Idol saying "can you tell me if there is going to be a kids pop idol at any time in the future on British TV ?".

here is the response:

unfortunately there are no plans in place currently to produce a childrens pop idol. any further questions regarding this should be directed to ITV as they will commission such a show and chose a relevant production company to produce it.

Kind Regards, [name removed], Production Co-ordinator, Pop Idol

so that is where we must now turn our attention ...


nikki j said:

if you want to be an under 16 pop idol then u can always buy pop idol talent box. you can win a pop idol experience and even a record deal!

kayleigh said:

I think that an under 16 pop idol is an excellent idea. I am desperatly seeking a chance to make my dream come true of being a singer but i am only 14 years old and it is extremely hard to find any competitions. After much looking and emailing sites, i still have not been able to find anything, but if i do i will keep you all updated.

Hannah said:

i think pop idol for under 16's is a great idea, and if it did get brocasted i might think about going in for it, im only 14 and i agree with what kayleigh says about its hard to find any competitions about, as i have been searching for them.

kayleigh said:

i did come across one competition on the net for a cyber idol where you post your song onto a website and the competition is done over the internet but it had already started. Also i have not got all of the right equipment to enter because i have no way of making a demo cd. i would be very grateful if hannah, when you are searching if you find anything, if you could post the site on here please?

Hannah said:

lol kayleigh sure i mean u r my cuz lol! yeh so if i find any websites il keep ya all posted!!

kayleigh said:

hello i apologise for that posting, i accidently did it 3 times, i am sorry.

funkypancake said:

it's ok - i've just deleted the other three ;-)

kayleigh said:

correction i did it 4 times lol.

Hannah said:

hmmm heehee kay! yeh so what are we going to do about it about the competitions and stuff like that??

kayleigh said:

theres nothing else we can do apart from just keep searching, try good search engines like google and dogpile. maybe if we are lucky something will come up

hannah said:

yeh i suppose

kayleigh said:

still no luck, but i'm not giving up hope! that pop idol talent box looks pretty kool, i might have to check out more about that. anyway peace out!

hayley carroll said:

hello. iam 15 years old and i am very seriouse about singing but there is no way of my voice to be heard. i think a kids pop idol is a very good idea and a good oportunity. if your against it i dont see why.s club 8 has done stomendously well and we should have more opurtunites like them.
please make my note heard.
from Hayley Carroll

Rachel Garriock said:

i realy think that kids pop idol is a very good idea for kids who want to show of there talents as for me, my mum tried to get me in stars in there eyes kids but I didn't recive a letter back or a phone call.If they do i think they woulf proberly need over 10 years olds.

Kayleigh Carroll said:


funkypancake said:

not entirely sure i understood that last comment

sheraine said:

i always wanted to be a singer and i would like to give it a try bbut dont know where to go

chloe said:

i agree with hayley. im very srious about my singing too but i am only 13 years old and i cant find any competitions or singing academies. please email me if you know of any

Jay Harlow said:

Ah ha ha!
A bit late I know, but I know some thing that freemantle media, bmg and carlton are doing in fall 2005, after the 3rd series of pop idol! But I can not say what...

Nicky said:

I think loads of people would really value the opportunity of having an under 16's pop idol. There are not enough opportunities for people our age to be involved with the music industry. I am 15 and have applied for music college for when i leave school next year. However, not everyone has access to these and what im tryin to say is WE NEED A KIDS POP IDOL!!!!!!!

Amy said:

I think kids pop idol is a great idea. I really agree with every one who thinks it is a good idea because i would really like to become a professional singer. I think they should have one for different age groups so every one has a fair chance of winning. I defineltely think that in the future some one should make one because thousands of children would love it. I am only 13 and I have wanted to be a singer ever since i was 6 !! DEFINETELY HAVE A KIDS POP IDOL !!!

becci said:

i am so upset that they have not thought about all the young wannabe singers out in the holl of the UK because my friends and i have all had are chances at becoming singers through friends,family,TV the lot and it is such good fun really i think they should bring out a TV show for us kids that want to be singers!

zoe said:

hey, i know how you feel i want to be a profenial singer too but you have to get in a band and do battle of the bands thats how busted where found gives us a bell to say hw its goin


chloe said:

My cozen and i hav sent away a video of us singin 2 an adress there iz a pop Idol 4 kids!!!!!!!!!
Dont no address friend gave it 2 me!!!!

sam c said:

i wanna know the pop idol ad 4 pop idol 3 can sum1 tell me plz plz plz i am only 15 but the aud's r after my b.day

sam c said:

sorry i posted that 2 many times so sorry

funkypancake said:

no probs - i deleted the duplicates.

have you tried the pop idol website:

i don't think it has what you are looking for at the moment, but i imagine that's where they would announce anything new ?

charlotte said:

there is a under 16 pop idol thing in washington,sunderland in august nd ya win a gd prize aswel!!:)im goin on it but ya need 2 find out da numba lol

Jodie said:

I fink dis is a Gr8 idea..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITZ DA WORST IDEA IVE EVA ERD IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

leonie said:

hi i'm 12 years old and i've been reading all your comments and it's safe to say that we all agree that we want a chance to have a singing career
i've been searching the web and cant find anything could someone let me know if they find anything?????

leonie said:

we could do a petition and get loads of kids to sighn it if they agree that we should have more chances for kids to have singing careers and then we could send it to our local councels and stuff and then they will know we feel strongly about it so then they might do something about it

leonie said:

hi everyone my friend just rung me up and shes given me a number of a managment she said she doesnt know if its fake or not but she recons its real if anyones interested in having it let me know
also i want to start a band so i was wondering if anyone was interested if you are let me know just one thing please dont be upset anyone if anyone is interested in being in a band with me youve got to be able to sing dance and age wise
youve gotta be 12-14

funkypancake said:

hi leonie,

thanks for your comments. i agree no-news about junior pop idol is frustrating.

i'm not sure if this is the best place to get people together for a band as i deliberately don't give people's email addresses out for data protection reasons.

i'm sure there must be other websites out there that would help you set up a band, but always be careful giving out personal details like your age and email address in public - you don't know who might respond :-/

anyway, good luck with your musical voyage !

Kayleigh n Hannah said:

heya! its kayleigh and hannah, the ones who started this conv off in december! we just now suddenly thought, we haven't been on funkypancake for ages! we're now about to go on the pop idol website. we're now 15 so i guess pop idol 4 we could apply for if there is one! if u hear any other info will u plz let us know coz we are still very keen to be singers.

rachael hodgson said:

i would like you to make an uinder 16's pop idol for people that like singing for enjoyment. its a bit unfair how younger children dont get the advantage the older people do to sing infront ov thousands of people!!

michelle said:

hey my mates 17 years old and she is a brillaint singer she entered into the x-factor she got through the first audition and was told when she went to the second audition they wanted sum1 older after watching the actual show the other nite we relised that all the idol shows r a fix n she was beta than half of the people who got through!now thats even worse

lauren said:


i just found this website and i agree with everyone. my family and friends think ihave a brill voice but theres no way i can broadcast it help!

lauren said:

heya i think kids pop idol is a really good idea i cant find any competitions for my age group i'm nearly 14 by the way! depending on where we are all from maybe we could meet up sometime and try to compose a song or summit wud b really good fun!xxx

funkypancake said:

hi lauren,

it's never a good idea to meet people off the Internet ! and i'd be no good at writing songs etc anyway.

check out: www.thinkuknow.co.uk

Smitten Kitten said:

I am desperate to audition for singing. I would love to be a pop star one day. Although, I suppose everyone does. If you do find out anyhthing pleeez put a message on this message board.

Amy said:

i defo wanna be a singer. my singin teacher told me i will be a singer an i wanna du it n e weys iv jus bin on da starz in der eyes in r skwl n it was fab dis is defo wat a wanna du n i fink da x factor iz fab 2 ! i wanna defo be a proffesional singer. im always da 1st on kareoke. i av a voice lyk anastacia wich is unusual 4 most kids an i kan reech high e wich most singaz cant do :p n i luv mi singin n i wana defo be a professional singer.

Olivia said:


Olivia Ford said:

hi im 12 and all ive wanted is to become a singer sooo hopefully my dream will come true

katie said:

would you let me know if there is anything i'm 13 and really want to audition.

Renita said:

im 14 and i like ur idea of under 16s and if you our ever doin and audition colud you please let me know and make my dream come true

shannon said:

I think that a childrens pop idol is a gr8 idea as i am a singer yet cant find any competitions to get me known.It would be a fab experience!

laura laird said:

hi i am 15 and i love to sing i realy want to be a singer and i would love it if there could be an under 16 pop idol even if there isnt one the minute i turn 16 i am entering the next big talent show in the uk

bex said:

alright sexy singers!hehehe!i lurve singin nd iv always wanted 2 b a singer 2 its so hard 2 find stuf on the internet but im keepin on lookin plz tell me if therz n e gd comps coz im desperate 2 get out ther!im 14 nd i hav a voice like christina augilera...if that helps!i dnt mind how manny ppl i hav 2 perform 2!just help meee!!!
bex X x X

mike said:

hi all i agree with all u am 14 and i would like to know jay are u male/female eneway i dont think aim a good singer but my mates said aim really really good nice to talk to u c u later

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