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so, what have i been doing for the last day and a half ?

well, i went to a leaving do at oftel as some of my old colleagues from when i worked there are leaving Oftel.

here are my good friends/colleagues Phil and Keith. They mentored me when i first joined Oftel and i owe them tons for all the info and background on technical stuff they provided.


not pictured are roy and roberto who were also leaving.

i caught up with a few other people i hadn't seen for ages including this chap called Ally who i used to work with. it's brilliant when you bump in to people you haven't seen for ages.


unfortunately i only stayed there for an hour as i had to rush off to get my flight to berlin. i had a real bad case of Beer Bladder on the way to the airport as there weren't any toilets on the Heathrow Express. i managed, but only just !