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George Bush and myself have at least one thing in common - today we have meetings in and around Westminster. He's even staying over at the Queen's place. I live in commuting distance so don't need to worry about that myself.

My meeting was attended by people with fancy names like 'Lord so and so' and Baroness this and that'. and me. and was in a very fancy building.

My walk to the meeting from Paddington Station took 40 minutes and my walk back to the office took about 30 minutes. Comparible times to travelling by tube and much less stressful.

On the train this morning it occured to me that George W might be doing exactly the same journey, so i photoed lots of tourist things to do on the way.

I shall call this the George W commemorative walk and i'll do a seperate entry on it.

here are two of the ITV news team. The bloke on the right is John Stapleton and does the breakfast news when i wake up. i had seen him 2 hours earlier on the telly and happened to walk past where he was standing 2 hours later (and he was still there). he was wearing glasses which he removed when i asked if i could take his photo.

the photo on the left is of a newsreader bloke and a random lady hiding behind a van. i don't know who he is, but i'm sure Andrew, a regular reader of the blog will tell us.

DSC08214.jpg DSC08216.jpg

I also saw Michael 'parky' Parkinson outside the Iv:

as is my way with celebrity spotting, he moved to quickly and went behind a taxi. i want a camera with a quicker start up time !