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here is a walk around London which might take a couple of hours (or longer if you want). Let's assume George Bush arrives at Heathrow airport. He'll wheel his bags through customs and head straight for the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station. It's famous for being the most expensive train journey you can make for the distance in the UK.

it's a nice day, so George decides to walk to liz's house (Buckingham Palace)

on the way to hyde park from paddington you can walk now a nice scenic Mews:

before getting in to Hyde Park proper:
DSC08200.jpg If he's a bit thirsty he could have a drink in the cafe overlooking Serpentine lake:

He'll then pass through a couple of nice arches and a statue of Wellington on a horse:


and he'll pay respect to some war dead on the way:

finally he'll get to Buckingham Palace where he can dump his bags and have a quick wash, but not before looking into the distance and seeing Westminster:

He'll be well impressed that the Queen has constructed a gazebo out front to greet him:

as well as putting a load of flags up:

After freshening up he'll probably think it's time to visit Tony down at No10.

Preferring the scenic route he'll head straight down to Big Ben:

and maybe pay some more respects to some more war dead:

Finally he'll get to Tony's and pop in for a cup of tea:

After that he may go for a mooch up the road and see the horses as Horseguard:

he may pop in to McDonalds - this is the nearest to both Liz and Tony's:

Thoroughly nourished he'll walk past Trafalgar Square:

and look left to see Buckingham Palace through the gates:

he may even think about climbing the famous lions:

or going to the National Gallery:

By now he'll be a bit bored and fancy going to Leicester Square to see a film at the Odeon:

and take in a complimentary cup of Starbucks hot chocolate from a Street Lovely

After that, his mind will turn to shopping in one of the antique book shops off
Charing Cross Road

and maybe book to go to one of London't famous West End Shows:

followed by a meal at The Ivy on West Street:

or perhaps he'll have brought Tony along and need to go shopping for a guitar in Denmark Street (aka Tin Pan Alley)

and then he can pop across to the other side of the road to jam onstage at the Astoria (as presidents like to do):

However, if he's brought his wife along, she's more likely to want to go shopping on Oxford Street:

from here he can either walk down Oxford Street to Hyde Park then retrace his steps to Buck House or go and buy some gadgets in Tottenham Court Road:

and maybe even pop in to see me in my office and we can go to the Pollocks Toy Museum:

(allow 2 hours to walk in a leisurely way, though you can do this walk in 1 and a half)


Texas T-Bone said:

I want to see the toy museum!

Feisty Girl said:

Maybe the best post ever!!!! Oh my. Is it possible to be home sick for a place that isn't your home? If so, then that's what I've got.

Don't you think that he should stop in for a bite at Pret a Mange?

funkypancake said:

certainly non !

the french and the british have never really got on, and i understand relations between the US and the french are even worse.

i think tony's taking george to his local pub on friday. he can get a nice pie and a pint.

cheryl said:

do you think he'll have a pint. i mean, isn't he a recovering alcoholic? maybe he *will* have a pint ... if no one's looking, then make tony pinkie swear not to tell. yes, i think that's likely.

this *is* a fabulous post. it's been too long since i've been in london. sigh.

funkypancake said:

well, if any of you regular readers ever makes a trip to the UK let me know and i'll personally take you on the George W Bush memorial walk !

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