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oh dear. all new top of the pops is as bad i expected it to be. new does definately not equal good in this case. i am gutted. the website is a bit better though

and i've got another ear infection. boo !


update: so what was so wrong with it in my opinion ? well, there was too much messing about, chatting with the stars and general pointless smiling. and all the bands on the program were of the manufactured variety. the only nod towards good music was a short clip of The Darkness on tour in America.

it used to be the case that TOTP would bring you a variety of bands playing back to back with a mix of pop/rap/indie/rock/whatever else so you never knew what was going to pop up next and it made it exciting. for me at least it seemed to have sold out.

i guess the fantastic Later has taken on the role of the muso's music show in the UK so they can afford to aim the main TOTP show at the teeny market. seems a shame though.

Interesting the second half of the new TOTP on BBC3 (digital) was much better but i think this was because it had better bands on.

i'll give it a few more weeks and see what happens.


Feisty Girl said:

Sucky exactly how? They aren't showing it on BBC America anymore. Blah.

funkypancake said:

i've updated the main post to explain a bit more

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