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here's an idea for an advent photography project you could try.

take a photo of whatever appears behind the door in your advent calendar each day. this will work especially well with completely random cheap advent calendars.

for example, if the picture is of some holly, go and find a holly tree and get an interesting spikey photo.

if it's something totally unfindable like a reindeer (if you don't live in Sweden) then you could take a photo inspired by a picture of a reindeer (like a nice meat pie for example, or someone with a bright red nose).

let me know how you get on. i may have a go at this myself !


Feisty Girl said:

Do your advent calendars have chocolate in them?

funkypancake said:

some have chocolate, some don't. i suggest the ones with tacky little pictures for the photo project

Tony said:

I've been following the story in this advent calendar and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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