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i started the day with a trip to the emergency doctors to get some more antibiotics and eardrops for my canal infection. i prefer infections in my ear to where i used to get them, but there can hardly have been a clear two months in the last three or four years when i haven't been on antibiotics. i'm nuclear kid.

i collected my prescription then popped in to Waitrose to get a paper. whilst i was in there i thought i'd check out their offers on beer as i'd drunk all my honey dew the night before to wash down my pain killers.


i got talking with a chap at the beer counter who only drank Newcastle Brown Ale. this bloke was definately a biker type so i talked to him for a while then made my excuses.

i said "good bye, hope you have a good day" but he said nothing. as i turned the corner i heard him shout after me "be careful mate". did he mean this along the same lines as "take care" or did know something i didn't ? needless to say i took the utmost caution for the rest of the day

(paul daniels lives by and the lovely debbie magee (his wife) is often spotted in this same waitrose. she wasn't there today though)