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here is kezia 'smiling' i think she's not quite worked out what the words means yet. it was a good expression so i took the photo anyway !


you'll be glad to know i've kept up my tradition of disrupting church services today ...

jane's guitar stopped working as soon as the service began. we tried pulling a few leads to see if we could isolate the problem. the result was loud bangs on the PA and a confused sound man (men).

during the talk i decided it was probably the battery. so as soon as it had finished i opened the battery compartment of the guitar. unfortunately it was spring loaded and the batter 'bounced' on its contacts a few times causing a machine-gun like effect. i then couldn't get the battery out of its slot and everytime i attempted to grab it, it slipped back in and caused more machine gun noises.

i then turned the guitar upside down and the battery dropped on to the floor. i inserted the new battery and the guitar then sprung very noisily back in to life (as the sound people had turned it up to try to find the signal).

During this time i blocked the route for the rest of the musicans to get to their instruments so they all stood in the middle of the church in silence watching me.

oh dear.


Feisty Girl said:

Don't you mean oh Lord?!? Ahhhh. It's not good when I humor myself that much.

Lovely pics of the girls. How exactly do you pronounce Kezia?

funkypancake said:

very good !

kezia is pronounced kez - eee - ah

(kezzy for short)

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