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regular readers will know that my mum is on holiday somewhere. i'm not entirely sure where it is, and i'm beginning to wonder if she's joined a religious cult as she's started sending me quality pictures of signs.

i think she's been driving round taking these pictures just so she can be featured on the blog. i thank her for her tireless dedication to the task !

click on these tiny photos for bigger readable versions

mum1.jpg mum2.jpg mum3.jpg

she also sent me this picture of a hip rock'n'roll band she had discovered:

it makes you wonder where she's gone and if she'll ever come back again !


mum said:

Hi David - thanks for your comments re my pictures and just to let you know that I am staying in Collinsville which is a little town just at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains in south west Virginia. It is about 5 hours drive southwest from Washington. I am staying with my English friends Hilary and Tony who have lived here for 4 years because Tony's job relocated him here. It is a working town - big furniture factories - lots of forests and mountains very close. They look lovely at the moment because the tree are changing to autumn colours. I am traveling back tomorrow and arrive Thursday morning. Lol mum

funkypancake said:

so there we - a definitive answer !

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