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finger trouble by the techies running the site meant we lost all of funkypancake a few hours ago.

i'm hoping i can rebuild most of it, but i'm concerned i haven't got archives of all the photos. i was trying to back up the blog this afternoon and left my work machine downloading the files this evening. i've no idea if it had finished or not. i guess i'll find out on monday ...

so what we (nearly) had here was a low bandwidth, photo free blog :-(

update: i've managed to piece most of it together from my own backups and my Internet Explorer Cache. I'm still missing a few photos though. if you visited the site yesterday (friday) and saw my st paul photos can you drop me an email as the 'missing' photos might be on your computer !

me mending the site at 2.48am Saturday morning. i finally went to bed at 3.15 and got up at 7.45am to look after the kids whilst jane went shopping.

mending the website.jpeg

update 2: thanks to Tony, we now are back to a complete blog. hoorah.


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