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a happy trip to the hospital today. just like the pain clinic, i was told not to come back again. woo hoo !

the specialist was all ready to give me the 'cronic pain is for life my friend, few people get rid of it completely, most just have to learn to live with it'. But before he could say it I launched in to my 'it's loads better now, still occasional pain, but mostly fine' speech. how we laughed.

there was also a comedy moment when a very tall old lady, who had failed to provide enough 'evidence' in her sample tube emerged and explained the situation to a nurse. once the situation was clear, the nurse said:

"has someone brought you along today ?".
the old lady looked at her and said
"no, i came by ... [pregnant pause] ... transport"

i wasn't sure if the nurse wanted her to find a friend to provide the sample instead ?