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now here is a part of church life which is definately more to do with religion than faith (religion being more about 'tradition' and man made rules, rather than faith which is the real bit).

church crockery is traditionally very pale blue, with spindly cups on spindly saucers. it's been this way since the 1970s.

however, the church we go to has mugs which is much better. (though i have noticed a trend since the mid 90s for forward looking churches to standardise on the use glass mugs).

but i digress. this evening we had a church meeting which included a meal and look how they arranged the cups on the table ! they were presented in groups of 4 cups and saucers. the best bit is the presentation of spoons in the middle.

potentially the protruding spoon handles could have caused sight injury if a member of the congregation suddenly lent forward to adopt the prayer position over the table.

luckily we had all finished our drinks prior to the prayer time. see how God sometimes chooses to protect his flock.



Andrew said:

In my experience church crockery is frequently Berylware - green, and angular with concentric rings.

(Amazingly only one result on Google for "berylware")

Ros said:

My aged inlaws have recently had a "smashing time" with their Berylware at home.They can't get out much and have asked me to see whether it is still available anywhere.Can anyone help please?

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