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yeah. i had a new bike when i was 12. it was a racer. i fell off it just before my 13th birthday and knocked my front tooth out. i now where a falsey.

now i'm 31 i figured i'm old enough to have a new bike now. so i got one. and so did esther. and i even managed to fix the tagalong bike on to jane's bike.

esther's very excited (and nervous) about her new non-stablised bike i will update you on progress tomorrow ...

jane inspecting my new bike


Bro Edd said:

What type of bike? Not another racer? I hope your not going to put plastic bags on your handle bars this time!!!

funkypancake said:

it's a mountainous one.

funkypancake said:

2 children is plenty enough (in my opinion).

and i have know all about cronic pain in the 'downstairs' area already ...

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