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the story of my evening with a load of men:

i went to the Reading Male Voice Choir rehearsal last night and it was fantastic. They were really welcoming and made a fantastic noise. the conductor is completely excellent (like all the loony conductors you could wish for rolled in to one). extremely inspiring.

i felt a bit of a fraud going though as i can't sing fantastically well (certainly not as well as the rest of the group). I was also only 'popping in' for the evening and knew I couldn't commit to every Friday night rehearsals and a Saturday concert once a month. Kids and working in london prevent that (and wanting to see my wife occasionally!).

one cool thing was that they are potentially looking for a bass player. their former bass player apparently being the bass player of the Tremeloes ! I think they might have been fishing to see if I would play. time pressure was the main excuse, but could you imagine having to follow the Tremeloes bass player ? how cool would that have been !


Grahame said:

Nothing happened?

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