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saturday evening was the reception to end the conference. after my walking i was little tired and only did some small dancing.

here was a view of the sunset:

here are some of the people from the conference:

warning. this man sells PONS (passive optical networks)

this chap was the jolliest man at the conference. he'd been retired from BT for 12 years but still comes back for more. probably similar to watching open university in your spare time. i hope i'm like that when i'm retired.

this man is one of the nicest on the planet. he's also just like the dad from the kumars so he's also one of the funniest !

this man is called jos and he has the same dancing style as me. we had a jelly legged dance-off. it was a close thing. i thought he had won for sure, but he graciously conceded defeat to my younger more nimble legs.

this man was a contendor for the greatest dancer award. he's greek so it's in his blood. we made sure all the plates were well out of the way