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you may wonder about the legality of signs which threaten fines for dog fouling, and more importantly who gets to keep the money. here's the answer travelling through UK parliament at the moment:

Litter and Fouling of Land by Dogs Bill

I was watching Open All Hours last night.

a customer entered the shop having recently stood in some dog poo. He said "I blame the owners".

The Ronnie Barker character responded "I agree ... and the dogs"


p.bennett said:

I think people who let there dogs sh-t on the streets should be shot on sight this is how strongly i feal a bout it. My prob is that people let there dogs cr-p right out side my house i just do not under stand the wey theas people think, would they like me to go and have a sh-t out side their house ?i do not think so.
So to all the muppets who let their dogs cr-p on the street go and drop dead.

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