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it's esther's birthday 4th birthday on the 9th july. she's having her party this saturday.

she's been counting down the days since, well, she turned 3.

my mum (her nanna) phoned up yesterday evening to see what esther would like for her birthday.

after a nice conversation between esther and her nanna, the phone was passed to jane to discuss the present proposal (not as in 'current' proposal - we are not thinking of getting esther old shrivelled grapes. not this year anyway).

esther obviously heard half the conversation as she asked "what's nanna going to get me for my birthday". The answer came back "a bucket of mud and an old sausage".

esther's reply was "don't be silly, nanna wouldn't get me a bucket of mud and an old sausage".

perhaps esther is going to get a surprise present from her nanna afterall !