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funky music down the funky doctors ...

went to the emergency doctors surgery today with a massive ear pain. it took 2 hours to get there from london. but what a treat when you get there !

The local Surgery has recently been improved and expanded. It now has flashing digital readouts informing patients when to make their way to their doctor (and where to find them). But best of all is the music. Last time it was hits of the Beatles on pan-pipes, but this time it was Psychedelia day. We had funky Simon and Garfunkel numbers, Sly And The Family Stones, Love and, just for the youngens, Kula Shaker ! There were various other tunes I didn't recognise but a few included wild guitar solos.

Made waiting the hour for an appointment a dream. Everyone there looked in good cheer and not at all unwell. In fact, only one person did look unwell. An old lady accompanied by her husband (we assume). Everyone looked very concerned.

Anyway, turns out i have an infection of the outer ear and I have been prescribed some ear drop / antibiotic things. One of the possible side-effects of taking these ear drops is 'a super infection'. Sounds bad.