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our friend and regular commenter alan (he of the amazing insect knowledge) has been in hospital for a fortnight with inside badness. he's making a good recovery and is in good spirits, although still in a lot of discomfort.

part of his treatment involved him measuring all his liquids in and out on a little (wee) chart. he even had a tiny spitoon which needed to be measured.

anyway, all our funkypancake best wishes go to alan - hopefully he'll be out soon !



Domicat said:

Poor Alan, send him my best wishes too, I have to go in for surgery in Feb (and share your dislike for hospitals FP), so I totally sympathise!!! Get well soon Alan :)

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

thanks domicat, i've sent your messages to alan.

he's not doing too well actually, so all prayers much appreciated at the moment.

i hope February goes ok Domicat.

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