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i spent the day curling yesterday.

the three teachers were all olympic gold medal winners (see here).

it's a mad game of sweeping and sliding and pushing a big stone

the olympians were rhona, janice and debbie


david said:

Glad that you enjoyed curling, and in the brand new rink AND the olympic ladies to help you.

How did you get on? It is a tricky sport to get the hang of if you are all beginners together.

It is a great sport though: it can be really serious (like the olympics) or more fun and relaxed - as it is at Club Curling level. I really enjoy it and have 7 games in the next 10 days at the large Perth ice rink (8 sheets of ice = 64 curlers per session).

Lots of sweeping and shouting. Great fun.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

i had a great time. by the end of the day i knew what i had to do, and was going someway towards being able to do it, but no way near doing it properly !

7 games in 10 days seems a bit greedy. there's only one rink in england you know. so on average that's not many games each.

unlike you very-northerners !

you've probably got loads of great snow at the moment too ?

david said:

Curling games for regular players are like busses - nothing for a week or two, then a whole lot at once. On average, I play once a week from October to March. There are really keen (and good) players who play much more often! Our Curling Club (175 years old this year) is lucky to have a really good ice rink nearby. It is a bit cheaper than the Kent rink at £7.50 a game, and most curlers have their own equipment - brush and slidey shoe.

Not much snow near Perth, but plenty at the ski resorts. They could really do with a good season, as they have been very short of snow in the past few years. Most resorts have diversified into activities that don't rely on snow, and are therefore year-round.

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