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yesterday was the big funkypancake radio interview at BBC Radio Berkshire.

i walked from the local train station and arrived over an hour later so wanderoursly aimed through a local copse. unfortunately i was got a bit lost and had to ask a passing dog-walker for advice on how to find the main road again !

here is Phil Kennedy with Suzanne Courtney (new name) through the window

i was in the studio from 2.30-4pm (the end of the show) and had a really good time. the banter was good and people seemed genuinely interested in the site (if only for Soose's wedding photo which are here)

Phil noticed that i had visitors in my web stats from a country called Niue and there followed a few minutes of Niue facts as can be seen on the screen here:

i had a whale of a time and was made to feel very welcome. so thanks to Phil and the team for inviting me on !


jokey said:


Joust said:

Hope that was offical time off you were taking to be a meja tart.....

I feel we all need a link to the replay if you have one!

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

'course. i have no lasting evidence i'm afraid.

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