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I saw Tony Blair's new tenants locked outside their new house this morning. I'm not sure if it was the actual Michael Caton-Jones and Laura Viederman but the paparatzi were taking plenty of photos.

here is an article about the house and here is more on the new tenants.

the house and delivery truck

click for big

Tone bought his house on Connaught Square for when he stops being the Prime Minister and i walk past it on the way to work each morning.

there were worries about security but if people can't even get through the front door when they've got a key i don't think the PM need worry !

key holders and paparatzi:
DSC08836.jpg DSC08837.jpg


michelle said:

8,000 a month? that's $18,275.40 CDN. that's ridiculous!

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

pictures a bit like these (probably taken by this chap here) appeared in the London Evening Standard this evening.

no mention of the problem opening the door though !

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