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my mum sells christmas decorations to garden centres to sell to people like you and I.

she said yesterday "i need to remember there's more in life than Christmas decorations". which i thought was a good quote.

these people who live outside Reading might want to take my mum's advice !

click for big version


Sarah said:

It looks to me like these people outside of Reading are keeping your mom in business!

Pewari said:

HURRAH! You've changed your xml to show the pictures in the feed - thank you thank you a thousand times thank you... ;)

Great picture too :) I thought some of the houses around here were doing well until I saw that...

funkypancake said:

heh. i never even realised you COULD set them to show up on the RDF/SML feeds until this evening.

But i've done it now so that's good !

amazing lights

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